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Legacy of War Foundation


In July 2018, I travelled to Kigali, Rwanda to lead a project of Legacy of War Foundation to set up a cooperative for genocide survivors.


About the Organisation: Legacy of War Foundation is a non-profit organisation that uses storytelling to foster change. Through documenting and distributing knowledge about the long-term impact war has on civilians, in addition to actionable humanitarian projects supporting victims on the ground, Legacy of War aims to empower individuals and communities living in the aftermath of conflict.


Goals: Set up a cooperative shop for female survivors of the 1994 Genocide. Raise USD 100k to support project.

Background: These remarkable women, who lost everything, have rebuilt their lives and work together to make a living from selling produce that they grow, including potatoes and other vegetables. After meeting with the group of women in Rusororo, Gasabo District, Kigali and understanding needs and their current set up, we've decided together with the committee to use the funds raised to buy 3.5 hectares in the area and produce macadamia nuts for an industry willing to buy them located nearby. 

Project Scope: Set up cooperative legally, buy land (3.5 hectares) and minimum resources and tools. The cooperative will help a community of 100+ people from Rusororo. 

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Goal: Raise USD 100K by collaborating with Random Acts (GISH) - an American NGO to help Legacy of War Foundation raise funds for this special cause. Please check the Crowdrise campaign here.

Background: During one week, starting July 26, we have met with the group of women to hear their stories and film videos. We've produced different kind of content and shared via social media channels to raise awareness.

Results: We've raised USD 270K in total during four days, exceeding the initial goal of USD 100K.

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Filmed, produced and edited a number of videos, shared with the GISH team and re-edited by them to be shared on social media. 

For more examples of videos and photographs for this project please check my portfolio or contact me directly.

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