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I love creating things, whether that’s a marketing idea or a piece of art. Through painting, photography and film I’ve found a vehicle to express my inner self and exploit my creative side, using these elements to communicate, express and share emotions. 


I’m exploring digital and visual arts and how to take these learnings into my professional development.


These pictures were taken in Rusororo, Gasabo District, Kigali, Rwanda. Rusororo is home to around a hundred orphans and genocide survivors. 

During my time in Rusororo, I spent days with a group of amazing women that have lost every family member during the genocide, that have had to work as prostitutes to survive for years, but have rebuilt their lives and work together to make a living from selling produce that they grow.

Through my photos I wanted to capture their simple lives and happiness, their resilience and strength.

To learn more about the NGO project, please visit my portfolio.



These series of portraits were made through the use of mixed media and different techniques, including oil on paper and canvas, knife, watercolour, pencil and charcoal.

I'm an amateur painter that uses art as a way of expression and self-realisation to explore feelings and thoughts.


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